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Welcome to Dodson International Air!

Dodson International Air has been in the on-demand passenger and cargo charter business since 1987.
We specialize in charter services for all types of aircraft and operations.


NEW! Dodson International Air is finalizing plans for a regional airline startup in the near future. It's a little too early to let the details out yet, but we're very excited about the possibilites, and this will create some new jobs and career opportunities. We will hopefully be making some announcements shortly.

Duty, Honor, Service is our motto...

More About Dodson International Air

Every great team knows what they are trying to achieve, and Dodson International Air is a great team! Here are two of our Team Goals:

  • Provide First Class Transportation and Aviation Related Services to Our Customers

DIA is staffed top to bottom by experienced aviation professionals in every area of our operations. Experience which includes domestic and international flights, scheduled passenger and cargo service, and a wide range of aircraft: Douglas DC10, DC9, Airbus 300, Boeing 757, 727, Lear, Citation, Piper, Cheyenne, Navajo, Chieftain.

Flying DIA is an investment in customer-focused quality service, delivered by experienced professionals, with the highest level of commitment to safety.

  • Create Custom Aircraft Management Programs for Aircraft Owners and Charter Providers Under the DIA Certificate

DIA excels in start to finish aircraft management services. We can provide as much or as little (maintaining FAA mandated "operational control") help to keep your operation running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

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Dodson International Airlines is not associated in any way with Dodson International Parts.

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