DIA History

A Brief History of Dodson International Air

  • Name - Dodson International Air - Referred to as DIA
  • We began as the dream of a single individual, Mr. Don Dodson.
  • Founded in 1987, Don's objective from the beginning was to build the best operation possible by complying with all regulations and not trying to beat the system. According to Don, "The decision to operate this way is probably the most important and beneficial decision we made when setting up DIA."
  • Our first aircraft was a Cessna Cherokee Six.
  • Once DIA was certified as a FAR 135 passenger/cargo airline, authorized for operations within the US in both VFR and IFR, we began charter operations. Don served as the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot and the only line Pilot.
  • From this humble beginning, DIA grew to over 10 aircraft (Corporate Jets, Turbo Props, Multi-engine Piston and small cargo aircraft, DC-3's), over 25 Pilots, 4 full time mechanics, a Dispatcher, purchased an FBO and expanded its area of operation to include US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America and Bermuda, all in 7 years.
  • In 1995, Don started working on adding large jet aircraft to the certificate (B-737 or DC-9). During this process, Don was asked to become CEO of an existing 121 charter airline, which he agreed to do. This required him to separate himself from the management of DIA. He sold half the operation to two employees. Since then, these two employees have run the airline and are still partners with Don in DIA.

Current Status

  • In early 2011, Don and a group of approximately 15 aviation professionals, most of who have decades of experience in the airline industry, met for a planning and strategy session focusing on developing a plan to grow DIA into its full potential. These plans include managing aircraft for others, leasing aircraft for charter, and ultimately operating as a world wide second-to-none charter operation including both Part 135 and Part 121 passenger and cargo operations.
  • This core group of DIA professionals include former and current major airline pilots, managers, and others each with decades of airline experience.

Notable Fact:

  • DIA has never had a violation or infraction on its record.
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