Meet The DIA Team


Donald R. Dodson, CEO/President

Don Dodson, CEO/President of Dodson International Air, is a proven leader in the aviation industry. With over forty years of airline experience, Don has developed outstanding airline acumen having served as a pilot and airline executive. Don began his career as a lieutenant in the US Army and then became a pilot with Eastern Airlines, serving as Captain, Check Pilot and Instructor. Don's entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch Dodson International Air. As a charter airline specializing in executive travel and cargo, Dodson International Air provided transportation in a variety of markets including transporting college athletic departments and providing exclusive corporate travel for a leading insurance company. After leaving Eastern, Don became CEO/President of TransMeridian Airlines. Under Don's direction, TransMeridian operated Airbus A-320's throughout the US and Latin America, doubled its fleet, added a second aircraft type to the certificate and expanded to over 25 destinations. In 2004, Don was asked to serve as Senior Vice-President of Operations with the original launch team of Eos Airlines, an All First Class airline with flights operating between New York and London. Under Don's leadership, Eos was awarded "Best Business Travel Airlines", ranked #1 in on-time arrival on the New York-London route and achieved a documented 97% customer satisfaction rating. More recently, Don served as COO for Propeller Advisors, a consulting group specializing in complex challenges in the aviation industry.

Ron G. Tallent, Secretary, Aircraft & Maintenance

Ron is a 1965 graduate of Spartan School of Aeronautics located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   During the early years of his career, Ron was involved in agricultural aviation working as a pilot and mechanic, as well as managing all aspects of crop care industry.  Ron joined Dodson International Air in 1989, where he has maintained and flown Douglas DC-3’s in the cargo industry.  During this time, he helped develop a business center emphasizing marketing, dispatch, flight following, customs, and maintenance. He has flown most agriculture aircraft along with DC-3’s, DC-4’s, BT-67’s, Curtis C-46’s, Lockheed PV-2’s, Convair 580’s, and Casa 212’s.   He holds ATP and A&P/IA licenses.

George Mock, Director of Maintenance


Tony Monetti, Chief Operating Officer

Tony is the Chief Operating Officer of DIA overseeing all aspects of operations. As Assistant Dean of the University of Central Missouri (UCM) Aviation Department and Executive Director of Skyhaven Airport, he is responsible for flight, airport and maintenance operations. Applying his business knowledge from previous positions as CEO and Owner of Monetti's restaurants, he led UCM’s team to record profits in the program’s history achieving 35% growth in only three years. As a USAF active duty pilot, Tony’s experiences include serving as Director of Operations, Chief of Safety, Training and Standards, and architect of Europe’s NATO Time Sensitive Targeting. As a community leader, Tony founded Big Brothers and Sisters of Johnson County matching thousands of children with positive role models and served as President of the Lions Lake Initiative influencing the community to save a deteriorating lake. Tony serves as a Professional Life Coach mentoring leaders in operational excellence, focused on achieving desired effects and improving financial results. Alongside his wife Penny, he authored Called to Serve and Honored to Serve. He is a sought after motivational speaker, encouraging teams to help others succeed by using their unique talents to achieve goals. Tony graduated from the USAF Academy and holds two Masters Degrees.

Dave Cooksey, CFO and Director of Marketing

Dave began his aviation career in the U.S. Air Force in 1974. He served as a Combat Crew Member for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) flying the KC-135 Aerial Refueling aircraft. During his 34 years of flying experience he gained experience in numerous operational staff roles relating to program development and project management. The majority of Dave’s flying experience was during his years at Delta Air Lines and EOS Airlines flying the numerous types of the Boeing family of aircraft, including the B-707 (KC-135), B-727, B-737, B-757 and B-767. His major airline experience also included serving as a line Captain and Program Manager for EOS Airlines. He has contributed as a program developer and manager in flight training for a major military command while in the service and on numerous occasions in civilian airline operations as director, developer, and program manager in the areas of Flight Standards, Cockpit Access Security, and Flight Instructor Management. He and his wife Alice are small business owners and have been married for 38 years and have two sons.


Dave M. DeWolf, Chief Pilot

Dave began his aviation career in 1973 in the U.S. Air Force as an instructor pilot in the T-37 followed by an assignment in the C-130. After leaving the Air Force in 1980 he flew for an FBO out of Billings Montana, flying a Baron. He flew for Delta Air Lines from 1980 until his retirement in 2005. In 2006 he went to work for Eos Airlines and worked there as a pilot and  ground instructor. In 2009 he went to work for Vision Airlines, where he is currently flying. He has flown the Beech Baron and Duke, Piper Navajo, Cherokee Six, MD 82/88, B727, L1011 and B767/57, logging nearly 20,000 hours. He and his wife Jane have been married for 39 years. and have  four children and one grandchild.

Steve Mullvain, Assistant Chief Pilot

Steve is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a degree in Engineering Management. He served in the Strategic Air Command as an EC-135 pilot. Additional duties included instructor pilot, scheduling officer and standardization and evaluation. In addition, Steve has 30 years and over 20,000 hours of experience with Delta and EOS Air Lines and corporate aviation. He is type rated on the 727, 757, 767, CE-500 and IA-Jets. Steve also served as an instructor and Second Officer Line Check Airman. His strengths are leadership and team building. Steve and his Wife, Linda, reside in Atlanta, near their 5 children and their families.

Michael D. Cox, Director of Safety

Mike graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1973 with a degree in Civil Engineering. He entered the Air Force at Reese AFB, Texas and graduated from UPT in 1975. He was an instructor pilot in the T-38 until 1978, then he transferred to Randolph AFB where he was an instructional program developer for Air Force Pilot Training. Mike was hired by Delta Air Lines in 1980 and flew domestically and internationally in the B-727, 737, 757, 767, MD88 and MD11. He retired from Delta in 2005. While a Delta he was involved with company and ALPA safety programs. He attended the ALPA basic, advance, and Investigator In Charge (IIC) programs. He was the manager of the ALPA Accident/Incident team at Delta. After Delta he flew for Eos Airlines and was Associate Director of Academic Support at Embry-Riddle where he earned his Masters in Professional Aeronautics with a specialty in Aviation Safety. Mike is currently a Professional Flight Instructor at FedEx Express.

Gordon K. Purcey, Information & Technology

Gordon is a 1973 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, and a retired Delta Air Lines pilot.  He was an instructor pilot in the Air Force, as well as an academic instructor and curriculum developer for Air Force Pilot Training.  He has flown the T-37, T-38, B-727, DC-9, MD-88, B-757/767/767ER.  Upon retirement from Delta, he was a technical writer for DynCorp, Incorporated, and also flew for EOS airlines.  In addition, he owns and operates his own successful technology business, and has experience developing custom programs for several clients, as well as website development and programming.  Gordon makes his home in Dallas, Texas with his wife Jan.  They have three grown and married children, and nine grandchildren.

Mark Steele, Curriculum Vitae Security Coordinator

Mark began his career in 1987 as a law enforcement officer with a local municipality. Over the years he advanced from a basic patrolman to conducting investigations into street level gangs and drug dealing. In 1995 he began flying in law enforcement conducting patrol support missions as well as surveillance of drug traffickers in both fixed winged and helicopter aircraft. He worked with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in multi-jurisdictional investigations. He was awarded honors for his efforts in particularly difficult investigations involving organized groups of criminals. In 2000, Mark left law enforcement to begin a career in commercial aviation. He began flying under part 135 and in 2001 was hired as a 737 pilot with a part 121 carrier. Over the years he has flown both passenger and cargo aircraft including the 747, 757 and 767 aircraft. He served as an instructor on the 737 aircraft and enjoys working with team members in meeting objectives and overcoming issues that affect the operation.

Jeff Nauman, Training Consultant

Jeff brings Over 35 years in the aviation industry as pilot, instructor, evaluator, and training program administrator. Jeff has successfully directed the flight operations training departments at three US certified Part 121 air carriers. He has participated in the rewrite of FAR Part 121 Subparts N and O as a member of the FAA ARC commissioned for that purpose. Jeff has also participated in the drafting of an Advisory Circular regarding implementation of distance learning programs as alternatives to traditional airline training methodology.


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